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children’s book series for ages 7+

250 copies donated to date.

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Hi, my name is Jourdan!

Welcome to my website. Please make sure you have permission from your parent/guardian to visit with me today.

I am an insect; a dragonfly to be exact. I was born with unique features, including vibrant and attractive colors.

My two beautiful sets of wings help me travel from continent to continent, across land and sea. With so much to explore, I write my travels down in what I call “Jourdan’s Journeys”. This allows me to share my experiences with precious people just like you.

My vision is for you, your family/village and friends to spend time enjoying the stories behind my journeys. Perhaps you can use my experiences to help remind yourself of how beautiful and wonderfully created you are.

Thank you for visiting with me today.


Jourdan Around the Nation

We love to see where in the nation we can find Jourdan, our unlikely, unique and unbashful friend. Precious people of all ages are invited to participate. Please send your selected pictures to Jourdansjourneys.series@gmail.com. Doing so is your permission and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. We will post your wacky, serious or funny photos to Jourdan’s website and social media (children’s names will not be used). Please be sure to let us know which state the photo was taken in. Thanks for participating!

Upcoming Journeys

Jourdan would love to hear from precious people across the globe. At the close of Jourdan’s Journeys: A Dragonfly’s Journey to Strong Self-Esteem & Self-Image, Jourdan ponders where he should travel next.

If you are interested in helping Jourdan decide where to visit next, follow these 5 simple steps:

a.   Get permission from your parent/guardian to participate.
b.   Select one (1) of the six continents below you want Jourdan to
c.   Explain the reason(s) for your selection in the space provided.
     Jourdan’s team will be paying close attention to your ideas.
d.   Share your email address with the permission of a
     parent/guardian. (This step is required.)
e.   Press the Submit Button.

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Did You Know?


Dragonflies require an aquatic habitat (water) to survive.


Dragonflies lay several eggs at one time or over a short period of time.


Dragonflies can fly sideways, upside down, backwards and straight up and down just like a helicopter.


Some dragonflies can fly up to 4,400 miles without stopping.