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Family Resources

National Crisis Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 (24 hours daily)

Family Resources provided on this Site are to be used as a reference point for families. The selected resources are not intended in any way to replace professional, medical or mental health services. It is our hope that the resources provided will help parents/guardians and caregivers navigate additional ways in which they can help their children build stronger self-esteem and self-image, or at least have a starting point for doing so.

Use of any of the resources made available or suggested on this Site does not create a professional-client relationship between the Site nor its site visitors with the listed resources. The Company does not receive compensation or pre-arranged notoriety with any of the listed resources in the Family Resources section of the Site.

The Company nor the Site is responsible for data collected and/or used by third parties during your visit to the Site.

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Email addresses provided for Upcoming Journeys, Reviews and Event Requests will be used to send responses to site visitors and to provide updates and notifications regarding website store policy changes/updates, product information, and events. The Company nor the Jourdan’s Journeys website is responsible for data collected and/or used by third parties during your visit to the Site.

Pay It Forward

Books anonymously donated to date: 250

Yes, I would love the opportunity to “Pay It Forward”!

Jourdan’s Team has my permission to use my donation to help purchase additional copies of the Jourdan’s Journeys book series. I understand my “Pay It Forward” copy(ies) will be gifted to children, families and organizations in need, as well as distributed by Jourdan’s Team during their travels.. Finally, I also understand a “donated by inscription” will be placed in the book using my name (i.e. M. Henderson or The Henderson Family).

Some of Jourdan’s current “Pay It Forward”
charities/organizations include:

Beckett Life Center, Philadelphia, PA |

New Haven Reads Community Book Bank, New Haven, CT |

The Naomi Project, Florence, SC |

We Are Ladies First, Ltd., Staten Island, NY |

*Thank you in advance for helping Jourdan’s Team provide as many children and families with this needed story*

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