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PREVIEW of Jourdan’s Journeys: A Dragonfly’s Journey to Strong Self-Esteem & Self-Image

“They were beautiful. They reminded me of dragonflies and how different we all are; different, yet beautiful in our own special way.

Come closer. This is what I heard the precious people saying…”

In her debut work of the Jourdan’s Journeys series, Patricia Lewis encourages children to exercise positive thinking through self-affirmation and scripture as a means to help overcome self-esteem and self-image challenges. Whether used individually or collectively, these tools are a great start for helping children view themselves as beautiful and wonderfully created.

On this journey, Jourdan wants to know: What do you say to yourself that reminds you of how beautiful and wonderfully created you are?



“For years, I placed my children in front of their bedroom and bathroom mirrors. I strategically positioned their bodies to the mirror and made them look at themselves directly in the eye (even if they didn’t want to). Then they repeated after me, “God made me… I am somebody… I am beautiful…”.

This debut work intertwines my mother’s words and sentiments with that of my own. While I have passed these forms of love down to my children, I do not believe it should stop in my home. It is my hope that other children and their families will find comfort in this type of medicine to help strengthen their self-esteem and self-image.

In the end, the real challenge of adversity is what you choose to believe and how you see yourself from the inside out.”

– Patricia E. Lewis

Learning objectives
Jourdan’s Journeys:A Dragonfly’s Journey to
Strong Self-Esteem & Self-Image


Help children identify ways in which they view and accept themselves as being beautiful and wonderfully created.


Help children build their self-esteem and self-image through consistent, positive thinking.


Help children and families learn ways to cope with adversity through the use of valuable subject related resources.


The late Tracy BrownNational Best-Selling Author, Essence Bestselling Author, Poet and Playwright
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“Jourdan’s Journeys is a fun and enjoyable story about a dragonfly’s adventures and the friends he meets along the way. Jourdan learns important lessons about helping others, sharing experiences, and embracing his uniqueness. Patricia Lewis did an incredible job with this heartwarming children’s book that will surely captivate a new generation of readers!”
Karen L.Realtor (New Jersey)
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More than just a story to help build a child’s self-image and self-esteem, Jourdan’s Journeys is a melodious symphony that highlights our differences in race, cultural background, and physical appearance. It’s an uplifter of the human spirit in a time where too many youngsters are harming others and/or themselves. We are also reminded of Scriptural passages which bring us closer to the fact that we are “ALL” absolutely Beautiful to Our CREATOR! All who read this book will find the message of hope, love, and strength in being who you are!
Robyn S.New York
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Jourdan’s Journeys is a wonderfully written book full of beautiful images that are lively and vibrant as is its message.
Dr. Louise GoingsRetired Educator
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“In a world where imagination and fairytale imagery are still the key for embedded lessons that shape the character and minds of young children, Patricia Lewis has nailed it with “Jourdan’s Journeys.” Not only will the children be enchanted with the character “Jourdan,” but will be left with a renewed strength to accept themselves as purposed and valued."
Dr. Gregory Seaton, Ph.D.Educational Researcher
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“I enjoyed accompanying Jourdan on his journey. He discovers so much about himself and others along the way. Young readers will do the same. This is the perfect book for shared reading time! Patricia does a masterful job of showing how resilience and representation matter.”
Dr. Donya Wallace, Ph.D., NCC, LPC, LPCSLicensed Professional Counselor
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“As a fan of dragonflies, I could not think of a more appropriate character for this beautiful and heartwarming tale. “Jourdan’s Journeys” reminds us of the power of words to heal and is a gift to children of all ages.”
Dr. Shayna A. Wrighten, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biology
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"This beautifully written book is a wonderful journey that guides children through meaningful and thoughtful affirmations. This book is filled with wisdom that can resonate with children from all types of backgrounds.."
Scott M.Indian Trail, North Carolina
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"I love it! Very Unique and Authentic!! Great Job reaching the little ones!!"
Anthony W.Woodbridge, VA
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“Absolutely amazing read! This book is one of its kind. As I read with my daughter, I personally was caught by the prolific life lessons that would benefit me as an adult in my journey through this life. It appears the author truly put their heart and spirit into each sentence. Easy read and highly recommended for kids and adults.”

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A Dragonfly’s Journey to Strong Self-Esteem & Self-Image

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Dragonflies require an aquatic habitat (water) to survive.


Dragonflies lay several eggs at one time or over a short period of time.


Dragonflies can fly sideways, upside down, backwards and straight up and down just like a helicopter.


Some dragonflies can fly up to 4,400 miles without stopping.